Fixing Visual Studio 2015 C++ Comment Highlighting

Incorrectly highlighted comment.
Incorrectly highlighted comment.

Due to a bug in the current build of Visual Studio 2015 C++ comments starting with three forward slashes are highlighted in a different colour to all other comments.

The colour difference is most visible when using the Dark colour theme but is present in the Light and Blue colour themes as well and has been observed in both the Community Edition and Professional Edition.

There is an open item on Microsoft Connect but until this has been resolved the fix is a simple colour change in the Visual Studio options:

  • Open the options dialog (Tools|Options...)
  • Go to Environment|Fonts and Colors
  • In Display items select the item XML Doc Comment
  • Under the label Item foreground click the Custom... button.
  • Change the Red, Green and Blue values to read 87, 166 and 74 respectively. Those values should match the values used for the Comment display item.

This post will be updated when the Microsoft Connect feedback item is updated.